Anti-itch formula: Finally something relieved the itch. I tried Benadryl and On the go itch relief, but just make your own, it's better. Lemon juice helped too but it's very temporary and not portable-use friendly. :)
Got an itch? Need some itch relief? This Anti-Itch Relief Cream recipe gives you the relief you need with the aid of all-natural Essential Oils (EOs). Aah!

Fabulous Anti-Itch Cream


15 Home Remedy Infographics

My grandmother's natural itch relief: homemade calamine lotion. It truly helped stop the itching and burning, so that my skin could heal naturally.
Homemade Itch Relief Spray. I started making this last summer when we got into the chiggers, and it works so well!

Homemade Itch Relief Spray

You should definitively try this recipe if you suffer from vaginal itching. Easy to make and very effective! You only need 3 ingredients: Aloe Vera, Palma Rosa & Thyme Essential Oils (Find the recipe here: My sister gave me this recipe and it works very well for her :)

Essential Oils Recipe For Vaginal Itching Relief - DIY

Easy homemade bug bite anti itch stick recipe using essential oils!

Homemade Bug Bite Anti Itch Stick

Homemade bug bite wipes for on the go summer fun.  Make these cheap and easy  DIY itch relief wipes to soothe bug bites naturally and quickly.

Homemade Itch Relief Wipes

This easy homemade anti-itch cream recipe works like calamine lotion but uses all natural soothing ingredients for DIY natural itch relief.

How to Make Homemade Anti-Itch Cream

Summer is a real bummer when you're itchy from head to toe! Check out 15 natural & home remedies for itch relief!

15 Natural & Home Remedies for Itchiness from Head to Toe