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In the Unlikely Event - Judy Blume

In her highly anticipated new novel, Judy Blume, the New York Times # 1 best-selling author of Summer Sisters and of young adult classics such as A.

Superfudge-1980  It's hard enough to have an impossible little brother like Fudge, but now there's a new baby coming. And if this baby is anything like Fudge, that's it – Peter is moving out!


Superfudge by Judy Blume- loved reading this book when I was a kid!

One of my favorite Judy Blume books, along with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Fudge, Superfudge, Blubber, and of course, Are you there God, It's me Margaret. We must, we must, we must increase our bust!!!!  Classic!

I loved reading Judy Blume books *I love that Ashtons' third grade class is reading this!

Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret.  I read this like 35 times.  Then I read WIFEY as an adult by the same author.  Wifey was much better:)

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret: How Have I Not Written About This Book Yet?

This is the exact motivation I have for the rest of my life. I threw everything to the wind to be able to go back to school. I want to do this. I want to be this person to someone.

Used Nov 2016 Librarians save lives by handing the right book at the right time to a kid in…

I'm pretty sure every girl reads this book at some point- I am going to bring it out for my grade 4 daughter soon

My grade teacher read this book to our class and I still remember it being one of my favorite books. I'd like to read it again. This is what started my love of Judy Blume books.

I love Judy Blume and this is the 1st to become a movie coming out in June!

Tiger Eyes: Cuando Los Lagartijos Corren

Tiger Eyes - Judy Blume I've read this book at least 20 times!

Deenie-1973  Beautiful Deenie, who everyone says should be a model, is stuck wearing a brace from her neck to her hips. What will her friends think?

Deenie ~ Judy Blume ~ This is the first Judy Blume book I ever read. Being a person with scoliosis, I could relate to Deenie. However, I feel I could have still related to Deenie without having the scoliosis in common.