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Jumeirah Beach Hotel je luksuzni hotel sa pet zvezdica. Otvoren je 1997. godine, raspolaže sa 598 luksuzno opremljenih soba i apartmana i 19 zasebnih vila raspoređenih u hotelskom kompleksu. Sve sobe imaju pogled na okean. Sam hotel izgrađen je na plaži i u svom posedu ima 33.800 kvadratnih metara obale.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- The city of the future, with some of the most amazing architecture in the world and the mile and a half long mall!

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Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel, which opened in is operated by the Dubai-based hotelier Jumeirah. The hotel contains 598 rooms and suites, 19 beachfront villas, and 20 restaurants and bars.

Dubai architecture – buildings of the United Arab Emirates    Illustration   Description   Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai A city with modern architecture, one of the world’s most amazing buildings and luxury – for 40 years of poor fishing spot Dubai has grown into a world metr.  ...

Stay at Madinat Jumeirah and experience Dubai resorts with authentic Arab hospitality, surrounded by luxurious facilities, waterways, and elegant

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Adventure further afield to the exotic Middle East and begin a period of luxury discovery in where opulence is key at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Explore one of the fastest growing cities in the world, famed for its no-expenses-spared

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Jumeirah Beach Hotel Atrium, Dubaii has natural daylight throughout its seven-storey high glass roof, the Atrium is thas plenty of restaurants and good food If you just want somewhere to relax with a.

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Leisure Pool at 5 star hotel: Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This hotel's address is: Jumeirah Beach Road Jumeirah Beach Dubai 11416 and have 617 rooms