Jung Kook (Jeon Jeong Guk 전정국) / BTS

Y'know what I'm just gonna go kill myself by drowning in holy water

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I'm sorry but you're not allowed to look that handsome and collected while wearing a pikachu necklace I refuse to accept this ❤️ Jungkook

WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN HOT JEON JUNGKOOK                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Jungkook - he really is a sweet kid with a great personality. he's just also so fucking hot it's painful. I feel a bit bad but omg.

BTS | Jungkook | cute ❤

Chegando o aniversário dele então vai uma foto : Happy bday Jungkook❤️

we are bulletproof!

Jungkook fucking Jimin in the background relates to me whenever I realise I'm an international fan lmao