Mit Glühbirnen am Kabel können Sie Lampen versetzt anbringen

How about a wooden "anchor" for each of the pregnant lights? What if they came down into a flip switch box?

IKEA-Hacked Wall-Hung Lamp -from article about 33 things you can hack to fit into a small space - good stuff in here

33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs

Using a corded lamp and a wall shelf bracket from Ikea, you can make a wall-hung lamp that doesn’t take up any floor or table space. 33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs

Lámpara con alambre recubierto

Lámpara con alambre recubierto

HOME & GARDEN: My heart strokes of the Week # 126

Mes coups de cœur de la semaine #126

Who knew that my dream living space could be limited to 525 square feet? Ok, maybe if I were the only person living in it. Regardless, this tiny 1904 apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is a beauty! I love that despite it's small confines, the owner kept the

Elegant kitchen with boho details

51 Beautiful Bohemian Inspired Designs

new traditional kitchen brass lanterns circa lighting morris pendant persian runner bikini stools brushed brass

Silver chandelier

I have to make this I die LL Stunning Creativity! Cake Vintage: Recycled Lamps and Spoondeliers