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Go to a Kendrick Lamar concert and be alright. Hip Hop Radio with Bakaz Mann…

Tupac & Kendrick Lamar

a-queen-like-nefertiti: “ suliforshort: “ When Pac met Kendrick. Amazing art by hamedhazel ” OHMYGOD ”

WICKED OR WEAKNESS  Last Supper (1465), Dirk Bouts / HUMBLE., Kendrick Lamar

If Luke grew up to be a teenager in Michigan, he would likely listen to a song like this as it is popular in that age group

Watch Kendrick Lamar's Short Film For Reebok

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Short Film For Reebok

Announces 2015 Lineup ft. Kendrick Lamar, Robert Plant and Modest Mouse — Sasquatch! unveiled a massive lineup filled with talented mainstream and indie acts.