Kenneth Noland - Heat, 1958  	„There are two things that go on in art. There’s getting to the essential material and a design that’s inherent in the use of material, and also an essential level of expressiveness, a precise way of saying something rather than a complicated way.” - Kenneth Noland

Heat, 1958 by Kenneth Noland on Curiator, the world's biggest collaborative art collection.

"No. One," 1958.  Kenneth Noland

A Color Field Artist

I was lucky to be taught by an assistant of Noland. He opened my eyes to the depth of color when I was painting color fields. He also urged me to quit school and move to ny. That was 10 years ago. I'm ready now. Now is the time.

Citation: Kenneth Noland in his studio, 1965 / Andre Emmerich, photographer. André Emmerich Gallery records and André Emmerich papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Kenneth Noland (April 1924 – January was an American abstract painter. He was one of the best-known American Color Field painters, although in the he was thought of as an abstract expressionist and in the early he was thought of as a minimalist painter.

Kenneth Noland 'Inside,' 1958.  Art Experience NYC

Remembering Abstract Color Field Painter Kenneth Noland

Kenneth Noland, the abstract artist whose sensitive approach to color helped define and establish the Washington Color Field school of painting, died Tuesday at the age of 85 at his home in Maine.

Greenville Museum of Art :: Kenneth Noland

Greenville Museum of Art :: Kenneth Noland . a real object (such as a target), but as a container for precisely judged relationship of hues. Kenneth Noland passed away in 2009 at his home in Maine.


Showing at Paul Kasmin Gallery W It’s been on my mind—what would something be like if it were unbalanced? It’s been a vexing question.

Kenneth Noland

Kenneth Noland

Kenneth Noland, Beginning, magna on canvas painting by Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, 1958

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Chevron Stripe - Kenneth Noland collaborated with Navajo weavers to create a series of graphic tapestries.