African American Braids for Women: Box Braids

12 Pretty African American Braids

African American Braids for Women: Box Braids. I always wanted braids, but they won't stay in my hair. I considered dreadlocks in my youth, but "only dirty hippies have dreadlocks" in my culture.

Keri Hilson slays her braids every time!!!

Stunningly Cute Ghana Braids Styles For 2017

thepleasureprinciple: securelyinsecure: Keri Hilson - Braids Appreciation Post I was just telling my old man that I wanted braids for the winter.m going for.m going to go ahead and? pay that money for them,

Keri hilson cornrow braids

There’s nothing better than the good ol’ cornrow to get you out of a hairdo dilemma!… And we’ve not seen them worn with more panache than as spotted on the lovely Keri Hilson. What gives Keri’s cornrows max impact […]

Securely Insecure

dollsofbeauty: “beautiful-goddessess: “Y’all sleeping on her 😍🙌 ” Yess bae ” XIV