Kevin Bacon. Always holds a special place in my heart. Not only is he Wren McCormick, my 5 grade first crush looked like him.

The Most Handsome Primetime Actors

Kevin Bacon {no matter how old he is, he's still super hot & attractive and he's always been 1 of my favorite actors ❤︎ U rock Kev ;

kevin bacon, I can only dream of aging as well. Mmmm papi.

Kevin Bacon on Marriage

Kevin Bacon on Marriage ~ He NAILED it with 1 to and I might just have to start Awesome!

Kevin Bacon, iconic actor....My youngest son who is 44 looks so much like Kevin Bacon...Everyone says

Kevin Bacon, did you know his father was a city planner and builder who created some of the famous places in Philadelphia ?

kevin bacon. I promise I don't have a thing for old's just that they were cute when they were young.....I personaly enjoy kevin in footloose,tremors and a few good men.

Kevin Bacon as Ren McCormack

Kevin Bacon - photo postée par smiribiri - Kevin Bacon - Album du fan-club -

Kevin Bacon - Album du fan-club

Kevin Bacon as Ren and Lori Singer as Ariel in the original Footloose (1984).

Dirty Dancing, Footloose in Top 10 Egregious Movie Remake Ideas

Kevin Bacon (Ren) and Lori Singer (Ariel) in the original Footloose

Maybe it's because his last name is Bacon

John Hughes Remembered: Kevin Bacon (Jake from 'She's Having a Baby')

Kevin Bacon | by Peter Hapak - the tonality is excellent but I wish he would have used maximum aperture to create shallow depth of field....Love him

Drama Majors – The Variety Emmy Studio Portrait Gallery