#kevin #hart #funny #face #b&w #snap #snapchat #celebrity

#kevin #hart #funny #face #b&w #snap #snapchat #celebrity

Kevin Hart being Kevin Hart - I text this pic to folks all the time. Always a hilarious reaction.

Kevin Hart being Kevin Hart. When I text someone in the room as me, I stare at them until! Kevin Hart being Love this man and his comedies When I text someone in the room as me stare at them until!

When someone else is talking to your crush this is like looking in a mirror oh kevin hart how you've opened my eyes

If stares could kill…

Meme – Talking to your crush. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

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me during algebra 1cuz I never paid attention cuz I already knee everything

me during algebra I never paid attention cuz I already knew everything

My charger is a bastard. Seriously. The fucking thing has done this 3x this week. Ugh. FML.

There’s Nothing Worse Than That

I always plan to wake up with a full charge in the morning to be ready for the day. This meme explains my exact emotions when I wake up and realize my phone wasn't plugged in or didn't charge.