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Kewpie were initially conceived as comic strip characters by Rose O'Neill. The cartoons, appearing as baby cupid characters, began to gain popularity after the publication of O'Neill's comic strips in 1909, and O'Neill began to illustrate and sell paper doll versions of the Kewpies. The characters were produced as bisque dolls beginning in 1912, and became extremely popular. The bisque and composition versions of Kewpie dolls are widely sought-after, especially those hand-signed by O'Neill.

Rose O'Neill - unused - Kewpie weight Lifting - # 130.637

Uncut January 1914 "Woman's Home Companion" Kewpie Paper Dolls 2016 | eBay

UNCUT January 1914 "Woman's Home Companion" KEWPIE PAPER DOLLS (2016)

KEWPIE J. D. Kestner 1913 Magazine Paper Doll reproduced by artist Karen Reilly from Doll Reader 2011

Kewpie J. Kestner 1913 magazine paper dolls reproduced by artist Karen Reilly dated The 2 pages have been carefully extracted from a new and