Kids dancing in Lagos, Nigeria...They enjoy every step of it..The beauty of children..

I wish I could go back to Africa and see the children dance again. Just the site of the children dancing warms your heart :)

uptown funk-easy kids dance fitness warming up zumba choreography - YouTube

Uptown Funk - Easy Kids Dance Fitness Warming-up Zumba Choreography.and this is a "warm-up"? Lots of fun moves)

The Best Music for a Kids Dance Party? Heck Yeah! – An awesome collection of songs from Modern Kiddo

The Best Music for a Kids Dance Party – An awesome collection of songs from Modern Kiddo

Pick your most loved Minute to Win It party game and let the fun start! Every game is fun and challenging. Incredible for birthday gatherings and sleepovers. Kids, youngsters and grown-ups all will have a ton of fun playing these games.

11 "Minute To Win It" Games To Play At Parties

Sensory box 9 playing game picture resemble two senses taste, touching.tasting the cookie, putting the cookie on your face .

Never too early...

Tips to Host a Junior Dance Clinic as a Dance Fundraising Event

This so cute. love it. sums dancing children up well. Dancing Children Art Print by Mirrorpix at King & McGaw

Cool Science Experiment for Kids: Explore chemical reactions by making rice dance using baking soda and vinegar! ~

Baking Soda and Vinegar Science: Dancing Rice

Here are some dance games for kids which are perfect for the party. We've also listed a few activities, and party ideas for your little ones to rock.Read on

20 Dance Games And Activities For Kids

Dancing is one of those activities that is ageless. You could be a parent and yet enjoy dancing as much as your kids.