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Winter Language Arts Kindergarten Worksheets

beginning and middle sounds-- Literacy Center Freebie

beginning sounds and middle sounds worksheets - Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Literacy Center Freebie (Corey: I don't have clear letter stamps, but I have a couple sets of letter stamps that are just on wood blocks)

Teaching With Love and Laughter: Kindergarten Literacy Activities

spell simple words phonetically, drawing on knowledge or sound-letter relationships. recognizable letters and begins to write name and a few words. Grade 1 and ages

Using duplos to build sight words. She has a free recording sheet on her blog. Easy literacy center idea!

Build a Sight Word (plus recording sheet)

This is a class favorite! Write sight words or CVC words on the blocks. Students build the words and use the FREE recording sheet to practice writing the words.

Free Printables to use with magnetic letters.

5 Ways To Use Magnetic Letters & Free Printables

I love magnetic letters and I recently bought myself some lowercase magnets and decided to create some printables to use as mats to place over cookie sheets and turn them into wonderful magnetic free

Literacy centers can be a blessing or a pain. I think it all hinges on the design, organization and effectiveness behind them that makes a difference. This is my philosophy on how to create literacy centers that are smart for me, the teacher, and effective for my kindergarten students

How to Create Smart Literacy Centers that Last All Year

Literacy centers can be a blessing or a pain. This is how to create literacy centers that are smart for the teacher and effective for kindergarten students.