I may have grown up watching Hey Arnold! with my brother and sister, but the truth is, this hit Nickelodeon cartoon series always kind of freaked me out. Maybe it's because I'm generally pretty cre...

10 Crazy, Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Hey Arnold

"iCarly" and "The Amanda Show" were the funniest shows ever | 37 Ways To Know You're A 2000's Kid

37 Ways To Know You're A 2000's Kid

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Four Engineering Challenges for Kids - With Craft Sticks, Cups, and Cubes

4 Engineering Challenges for Kids (Cups, Craft Sticks, and Cubes!)

Here’s a simple open-ended building activity for kids of all ages – Colored craft sticks, wooden cubes, and small plastic cups! Simple materials, and yet we have been having a blast building all kinds of amazing structures with them.

unsc frigate - Google Search

Different kinds of UNSC Frigates found in the Halo series.

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[..:..::..we could be heroes..::..:..]

AZ x In The Valley x Pass Here and Go On; You're on the Road to Heaven. Former Ballerina. I become the Earth I set my ear against; for the rumors of the future

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon features a massive 45-square-inch cold air intake hood that is the largest of its kind on a production car.

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"No, you clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!" Breaking Bad is a freaking masterpiece. I feel lucky to have been able to watch such talented people in one place. Honestly, if I were in showbusiness, I would quit my job after seeing this.

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Drake and Josh. I miss this show so much!

Drake & Josh on

Higurashi Kagome/#100263 - Zerochan

DAY My favorite female character is Kagome from Inuyasha. I really like her character because she's not a basic anime girl, she actually acts like a normal girl that I can respect.

My kind of movies...

My kind of movies...

The Interstellar poster is the best. Multiple meanings, yet so simple.