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Kinesio Tape offers support and stability to athletes and rehab patients. Breathable, latex-free and therapeutic, Kinesio Tape is the leading brand of tape used when utilizing the Kinesio Taping Method introduced by Dr.

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Kinesiology taping instructions for tendinitis of the thumb en products-mainmenu-64 15-kinesiology-tapes 115-ares-kinesiology-tapes-how-it-works 119-upper-limbs.html

BICEPS : You will need : 1 Y-shaped Kinesiotape A partner for application Step 1 : Apply the base of the Y-shaped sport tape on the inner part of the elbow while holding it extended. Step 2 : Stick one wing on the upper part of the shoulder and the othe

Kinesiology Taping for Edema and Lymphedema

Learn how to apply kinesiology fan tape or edema tape to relieve swelling, bruising, lymphedema. Safe, natural relief from edema and associated pain.

The Kindmax Precut Wrist Support is a kinesiology tape application designed to relieve wrist pain and inflammation from injuries, degenerative conditions or overuse. It can be applied to the front or back of the wrist, making it effective for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sprained or strained wrist, tendinitis in flexor or extensor muscles and arthritis in the wrist or hand. Only available at:

Kindmax Wrist Support - kinesiology tape to relieve wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains, arthritis, tendinitis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a systemic disease that attacks multiple joints…

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a systemic disease that attacks multiple joints throughout the body. About of the people with rheumatoid arthritis eventually develop symptoms related to the foot or ankle.

Kinesio tape for a sprained finger

Jan Lasota show a Kinesio tape for a sprained finger. The technique can be performed on all sprains .

Pediatric Kinesio Taping :: Wrist Ext Assist / Buttonhole

Pediatric Kinesio Taping instructor and physical therapist Michelle Tavera guides clinicians through this technique.

How to Kinesio Tape yourself for Lateral/Medial Epicondylitis.

Video describing how to independently kinesio tape for lateral epicondylitis for patients to perform at home.