Aluminum Chainmail installation that responds to subtle gusts of wind by Ned Kahn

Things we covet: Ned Kahn’s “Chain of Ether” is a wall of mesh panels that respond to soft changes in the wind creating a moving wall.

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Aliasing is a wind tubrine that uses OLED technology as the blade. The result is a sustainable billboard powered by wind.

Architecturally Alive: 16 Transforming & Kinetic Buildings

A wall of windows winches up and down to reveal the interior of this gallery renovation in Los Altos, California, by Seattle architect Tom Kundig.

The ocean in Yeosu, South Korea by SOMA with kinetic lamella

In Progress: One Ocean / soma

Construction on soma‘s “One Ocean” thematic pavilion is currently well underway and scheduled for completion in May Selected as the first.

USC School of Architecture ARCH 599 - Physical Computing Dynamic building facade design

The mechanism consists of 4 links (triangular panels) and 5 joints. Blue and orange panels are connected together by a spherical joint. Four remaining joints.

Gallery of Bunker 599 / RAAAF + Atelier Lyon - 2

Gallery of Bunker 599 / RAAAF + Atelier Lyon - 2