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LeBron James 'King' Art

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James is a king with crowns created by graphic artist Dylan Rosain-Bach from Paris, France.

James IV (1473 - 1513). King of Scotland from 1488 to his death in 1513. He is regarded as the most successful of the Stewart monarchs. He was last monarch of Scotland to be killed in battle. He died in the Battle of Flodden Field when he tried to invade England. He married Margaret Tudor and had four sons.

James IV, King of Scotland, Husband of Margaret Tudor, grandfather of Mary Queen of Scots James IV March 1473 – 9 September was King of Scots from 11 June 1488 to his death. He is generally regarded as the most successful of the Stuart monarc

James I (1394 - 1437). King from 1406 to his death in 1437. He was captured by pirates and given to the English in 1406. He was imprisoned for the next 18 years but given an education. In 1424 he and his wife were allowed to leave England. He was unpopular in Scotland, and was murdered in 1437 by his uncle. He married Joan Beaufort and several children.

King James I of Scotland - century portrait of James. Reign: 4 April 1406 – 21 February 1437 Coronation: 21 May 1424 Born 25 July 1394 Dunfermline Palace Fife Died 21 February 1437 Burial Perth Charterhouse Religion: Roman Catholic

King James I (1603-1625). House of Stuart. 9th great-grandfather to Elizabeth II. Son of Mary Queen of Scots. He was descended through the Scottish kings from Robert the Bruce, and the English Tudors through his great grandmother Margaret Tudor sister of Henry VIII. Reign: 22 yrs, 3 days. Succeeded by son Charles.

King James I of England and James VI of Scotland. Son of Mary Queen of Scots, whom was executed by order of Queen Elizabeth I, which set off events which led to the Spanish Armada of