Learn our 3 EASY steps to fixing your broken ceramics! Imitation Kintsugi! Love it!

VIDEO: Discover How to “Unbreak” Broken Ceramics

How to Fix Broken Pottery (The art of Kintsugi). You'll Need: Epoxy for ceramic, Gold mica powder, paper plate, toothpick or end of matchstick.

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gnossienne: “ “Kintsugi: the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold-infused lacquer. The practice adheres to the philosophy of treating breakage and repair as natural parts of an object’s.

kintsugi~the Japanese art of repairing that which is broken with gold

Kintsugi (golden joinery) Japanese art of repairing damaged pottery w/ gold. Restores functionality to a broken vessel; also adds beauty & worth. Turns brokenness into the most valuable part of the piece.

Table plates hanged as a decoration ,  Kintsugi techique with gold Fascinating home decoration Blue wall

Bernardaud L'Art de la Table Kintsugi by Sarkis Coupe -Kintsugi—the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. The idea behind it is that the piece becomes more beautiful and valuable because it has been broken and has a history.


DIY "Kintsugi" gold crockery repair tutorial

Broken Ceramics Found on the Beach, Turned Into Chopstick Rests Using Kintsugi

Brilliant idea from a Tokyo artist: Broken Ceramics Found on the Beach, Turned Into Chopstick Rests Using Kintsugi

Un oggetto si può rompere ma non per questo perde il suo valore e la sua…

Kintsugi, la tecnica giapponese che ripara oggetti rotti con l'oro

Kintsugi: The Japanese Art of Finding Beauty in Broken Dishes

When the Japanese mend broken objects, they fill them in with gold. They believe when something has suffered damage and has a history, it becomes more beautiful. It's time we rethink our philosophy on aging.

Kintsugi (Japanese: golden repair) Defined as "to repair with gold", is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold,.and understanding the piece is more beautiful for having been broken

The Japanese art of kintsugi turns brokenness into beauty. The method of repair, using golden seams to rejoin shards, draws the eye to the what was once a point of failure and is now a more beautiful whole.  Having spent the past several months deeply imbedded in the issues around social care provider failure, I think there are some clear parallels. Councils that have experienced a problem with care providers have often come out stronger, with more robust procedures...

When things are broken, most people try to fix them so that they appear as new, or as normal as possible. The Japanese culture however has a different philosophy on repairing the broken. Instead of trying to hide the broken, …

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