DIY Dried Bean Knife Block -- This would be a neat way to store those extra knives I have. Can probably find vase at Dollar Tree, maybe even 1 or 2 different dry beans.

These kitchen knives may not be kid-friendly, but they sure are purrrrdy.

These kitchen knives may not be kid-friendly, but they sure make chef work a breeze with ease

Knife Block

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Want to Display Your Favorite Knives? Do It in Style on a DIY Rustic Wall Rack

So cool! A DIY magnetic wall display in your kitchen of your favorite knives. Functional too!knives-do-it-in-style-on-a-diy-rustic-wall-rack

Quick and Easy Farmhouse Thrift Store DIY Projects - Page 8 of 11

Would look really cool with really old recipe books in a farmhouse kitchen. DIY knife block - I just glued together the covers of some interesting books i found at the thrift store and secured them with twine. the tight pages of the books hold the knives

OnOurTable Knife Rack XL

We designed these solid walnut knife racks for the knife gurus who want to keep their beautiful knives nowhere near the metal featured on magnetic knife holders.

OnOurTable Knife Rack

walnut wall-mounted knife rack - for our new knives, like the black knife too

16 Magnet Hacks To Declutter Your Whole House… #11 Is BRILLIANT!

She Drills Holes And Glues Magnets To Wood. Why? Genius!

Live Edge Wood embedded with magnets, then mounted on the wall as a beautiful knife display

Turn a cluttered knife drawer into a piece of art on your countertop with these beautiful knife holders. Innovative and unique, each knife storage block is filled with food-safe bamboo skewers to safely hold your best kitchen knives in place without dulli

5 Ways To Use Acrylic Decor Throughout Your House

If you're tight on space or prefer a more open look, acrylic decor is a great option. Here are 5 ways you can include acrylic home decor in your interior.