5 engagement ring style tips from Brilliant Earth featuring their ethical origin jewelry

Remember when we featured a wedding band style guide from long-time offbeat sponsor Brilliant Earth? They’re back with an engagement ring style guide featuring ethical origin jewelry and conf…

Infinity Knot Ring-- Sterling silver ring, love ring, love knot, promise ring, infinity friendship ring via Etsy

5 Alternatives to the Diamond Engagement Ring

Solid Gold Infinity knot ring Hug ring Alternate wedding ring, engagement, promise ring or friendship sister ring committment Yellow

Futhark, or runic alphabet, goes around Valknut. The runic alphabet is a collection of magical symbols. The runes have names, phonetic and magical meanings. The rings sides feature stylized dragons in a knot pattern. #magicrebel #bronze #valknut #futhark #runes #odin #nordic #amulet #adjustable #size #ring

The Aislinn silver Celtic wedding band is equally suitable for a man as a woman. This is a solid ring with the evocative Trinity knot showing clearly against the black background. The Trinity knot is said to represent three Celtic goddesses or the Holy Tr

Beautiful handmade pinky ring with a symbolic meaning. I carefully tied together a pair of 1mm sterling silver wires and form the symbolic lovers' knot, also known as the sailor knot. The ring is very dainty and comfortable, therefore perfect in small sizes.

Simple; clean, and elegant, the “3 Strand Carlow Knot” is a demonstration of continuity and devotion to your eternal lover. With no visible beginning or end, the ring takes on a meaning of eternal love, never-ending, and rigid as a tree! Furthermore, the introduction of a third strand

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