PLEASE IGNORE THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. As I've commented below, follow the date rules to select a name from each column and leave them in that order! Last name = family name, which comes first in Korean names, and then the two syllables of your given name come from the following columns (Koreans do not have 'middle names').

What's your name? Mine is Song JiMi! :) Mine is Sung Rae Ae I like it it's so pretty ☺️☺️


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I have a different necklace with 'Saranghae' (I love you) but this is also neat

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Great ways to write your name in Korean. Use your name or make your own Korean name!  Repin if you have a Korean name ^^

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What a coincidence "Kim Yerim" means the same thing as "Seokjin"

I thought this was serious until i got to Jins lolcx

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Korean names, all in this helpful article!

Learn all about Korean names

Interesting about why there are not many different last names.