Stepping stones and bamboo in Tenjuan Garden, Kyoto, Japan

Stepping stones and bamboo in Tenjuan Garden, Kyoto, Japan (Garden Step Gravel)

RELAX - The Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park, near Notting Hill. A relatively quiet park with beautiful gardens!

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Kyoto Garden, Holland Park, London, where is located ABC school of English…

Sumiya Pleasure House garden

Tsuboniwa, or "tiny enclosed garden". A superb mini-courtyard Japanese design concept.

Kyoto Garden in Holland Park. Just round the corner from St Paul's cathedral is Postman's Park, so called because it was once popular with workers from the nearby Old General Post Office. Here, you'll find a remarkable Victorian memorial which commemorates men and women who died while heroically trying to save others.

One of London's most impressive Japanese gardens can be found in Holland Park in Kensington and Chelsea. The garden was donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991 and has a pond, waterfall and Japanese maple trees.

Kyoto Japanese Garden, Holland Park, London by violinconcertono3, via Flickr

Kyoto Japanese Garden, Holland Park, London would be a beautiful spot to practice my photography skills

Gardens of Kyoto- Daisenin

A small pine island in a Japanese courtyard garden. I like the way they edged the small hill with rocks -- this creates a natural look and prevents eventual errosion, as well as being very pretty!

Kyoto Garden in London's Holland Park.

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Kyoto garden & 9 other secrets in London - A Journey Away

10 Secret and Free Spots to Discover in London

Kyoto garden + 9 other London secrets - A Journey Away

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park, London - Travel Past 50. Not precisely natural, but Japanese gardens are designed to mimic the natural world, in miniature.

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park, London

The English are great gardeners. All of their best parks are really gardens, or at least have a wonderful garden component. Holland Park in Kensington has its ball fields and wide green areas, but its …

Green Floral & Birds Kyoto Garden Stool | zulily

Green Floral & Birds Kyoto Garden Stool | zulily

Ryōan-ji, Kyoto, Japan - Best enjoyed when crowds are fewer -- you'l never get a shot like this normally without having a dozen tourists sitting in front of you at the edge of the garden

The kare-sansui (dry landscape) zen garden at Ryōan-ji temple, Kyoto Japan