I got The Fame Monster Gaga! Which Lady Gaga Era Are You?

Which Lady Gaga Era Are You?

Which 2009 Pop Hit Are You? You got: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga You are a very lively person with lots of positive energy. You never let life’s worries tie you down, and people are attracted to your easygoing attitude.

Lady Gaga danced in a pair of McQueen’s gold armadillo-shaped shoes with 10-inch heels in the video for her single “Bad Romance”

Savage Beauty: A Look at Alexander McQueen’s Best Moments

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance- love this outfit 

Bad Romance / Lady Gaga - I'm not her little monster, but I like her songs, with Bad Romance being my go-to song when I want to dance in wild abandon.

Bad Romance via - LittleMonsters

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Lace Animal Masks: Check Out Lady Gaga in the Vanguard Issue of 944

Lace Animal Masks

Lady GaGa graces the cover of 944 magazine January 2010 “The Vanguard Issue”. She looks amazing, and i love that hair color, she should go back to this.In the issue Lady GaGa is describ…

Lady Gaga (Bad Romance)

Lady Gaga (Bad Romance)