TOMMY LEE JONES    9/15/1946 -  .......    He was so handsome when he was young !

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Tommy Lee Jones as Woodrow Call...can't tell you how much I loved him in Lonesome Dove :)

Tommy Lee Jones as Texas Ranger Woodrow Call in Lonesome Dove ~~ mini series

robert duvall and tommy lee jones

Lonesome Dove: Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. One of my All Time favorite movies!

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Celebrity Photography by Nicolas Guerin-the brilliant Tommy Lee Jones

Tom Waits and Ricky Lee Jones, once an item, always an item.

Tom Waits and Ricky Lee Jones, undoubtedly when they were romantically involved.

Tommy Lee Jones. Bags are for carrying Tommy, not for wearing under your eyes

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Actor Tommy Lee Jones wrote, directed and starred in this year's film "The Homesman.

Captain                                                                     Woodrow F. Call - Lonesome Dove

Love Tommy Lee Jones in his role as Captain Woodrow Call in the mini-series Lonesome Dove