The coolest Lego bag mom just told me about this tutorial.  How easy would that be..we have so many little legos!

Toy Bag and Play Mat tutorial - great for Legos! (with contrasting casing for string or ribbon)

Toy and Lego Bags are a lifesaver for clean up! This tutorial is super easy to follow and do, and it makes a playmat, too.

DIY Toy/Lego Bag and Playmat

This DIY Toy Cinch Bag has been a lifesaver -- it was SO easy to make and my son…

Lego Sack Tutorial from @Toni Triffitt Coward

A mat that draws up into a sack to hold Legos, cars, train pieces, etc. I& going to make several of these for the playroom in cute coordinating fabrics, then have a peg ledge down low to hang them

Lego sack tutorial...I need a few of these @Amanda Hedger or @Mary Jo @ 517 Creations! :)

I& revisiting the Lego Sack today and sharing the promised tutorial so that you can make one yourself! This really has been a great litt.

Play mat becomes storage bag. Love it. Must make one for the dang lincoln logs. And one for the little people. And one for the...

A large play mat for Lego with a drawstring edge: when they are done playing. It becomes the storage bag. Use an old baby blanket or sheet and sew a border around it and put a string or cord in to make this. Legos get spread everywhere in my house!

SWOOP BAGS Original Lego Bag | Lego Storage | Playmat | Toy Bag | Toy Storage | Lego Bag | Lego Mat | Toy Mat | Cleanup made simple. Made in USA.

Durable, Toy Storage Bags + Playmat in one. Ideal for cleaning up and organizing Lego pieces, blocks, trains and other small toys. Cleanup made simple.

DIY Toy bag and Playmat for when kids make their way into my life

DIY Toy/Lego Bag and Playmat

DIY Toy Cinch Bag -- This tutorial is easy to follow, and the bag makes it easy for kids to clean up or a nice gift -- You can also fill it with some things as a great give away for charity or fund raising events....

DIY Toy/Lego Bag and Playmat

Easy clean up or nice for on the go. This DIY Toy Cinch Bag has been a lifesaver -- it was SO easy to make and my son loves it.

drawstring Lego play mat tutorial!

could be used for duplo, train tracks, little people etc - great idea!

SWOOP BAGS! Lego storage bag + play mat in modern, bold colors! Made in USA - Seattle. Cleanup made simple.

Modern Lego bag + play mat in 11 cool colors! SWOOP BAGS I love ALL the colors!

Legos Storage Bag/Playmat - instructions to make my own! next project here i come.

Legos Storage Bag/Playmat - instructions to make my own!