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Red iguana on Banco Chinchorro, south east Mexico - The Reptile Report

Tuatara-The tuatara is unusual for lots of reasons; it has a single-chambered lung, the most primitive heart of any reptile, its teeth are not teeth but rather jagged outcroppings of its jawbone, its spine resembles that of a fish more than any other reptile, and, oh, wait, it has three eyes. Yes. Three eyes. And its lifespan is just as weird; it reaches sexual maturity extremely late, at between 20 and 30 years, and doesn't even stop growing until its 35th year.

A male tuatara named Henry, living at the Southland Museum and Art Gallery New Zealand, is still reproductively active at 111 years of age.

Emerald Tree Boa, lowland tropical South America

Emerald Tree Boa, lowland tropical South America

Don't worry, honey, every thing is gonna be okay...    (In Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.)

Picture of Marina Iguanas, Fernandina, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador stock photo, images and stock photography.

Iguana beach. Private island in Aruba. Half was flamingos the other iguanas.

Iguana Close Up Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Celso Diniz

Baby Texas horny toad. They are endangered but in the 60's, you could find them in any natural wild field

Texas designated the Texas horned lizard, the official state reptile in Horned lizards are docile and gentle in nature. Texas now lists this unique animal as threatened.

Leguan, Spinnen,  Schlange

Leguan, Spinnen, Schlange