Adopt A Leonberger Today!  I'd love to have one!

Adopt A Leonberger Today! [leonberger dog is mix of pyrenese mountain dog, newfy and st bernard no bernese mountian.

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Leonberger - one of the most beautiful dogs on earth


Leonberger facts including: history, training/temperament, and breed colors and markings.

Neufundländer vom Kloster Buch

This looks like our Sam

Perro y gatito tierno

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Leonberger Foto

Leonberger - Hunderasse L

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leonberger puppy

9 Reasons Why Leonbergers Are Totally Unforgettable

Meeting a Leonberger for the first time is a breathtaking experience and, often, people say that they remember that moment forever.


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Leonberger puppy! German mountain dog!!

This looks like my Boo when she was a puppy!

Leonberger - THIS IS THE DOG I WANT. cannot believe it's a pin

A Leonberger.this guy is huge!

Leonberger Dogs

Große Hunderassen - die größten Rassen mit Bild

Leonberger Dogs

Glorious Leonberger doggo 100% made for cuddles and floofs

Glorious Leonberger doggo dump 100% made for cuddles and floofs

A dog weighing drew "a huge crowd" while showing off his record sausage-eating skills at a dog show.

I don't know what kind of dog this is but I reallllllly like it!

this is a leonberger. Wallpaper and background photos of leonberger for fans of Leonberger images.