One of the keys to teaching reading comprehension is showing kids how proficient readers think about text. Teachers have to find a way to make their thinking visible.

Making Your Thinking Visible With Graphic Organizers

Research-based Reading Comprehension Strategies Posters (B& W or color), Graphic Organizers & Activities.  Support students in visualizing, making inferences, determining importance, using background knowledge, synthesizing information, asking questions, and monitoring comprehension.  Perfect for reading all fiction and nonfiction texts!

ELA & Reading Comprehension Strategies Posters, Graphic Organizers & Activities

The First Grade Parade: Starting the Year With Comprehension
This Reading Mama|50+ Texts for Modeling Comprehension Strategies|This is set of useful lists of books that can be used to teach different reading comprehension strategies, grouped by the strategy they can be used to teach. Since many of the books listed are picture books and illustrated stories, these lists may be helpful for teaching reading comprehension skills to ELLs.

50+ Books for Modeling Comprehension Strategies

Reading Comprehension can be difficult but with these Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers, students are supported via sentence frames and vocabulary suggestions specific to the comprehension skill or strategy. Students will learn to discuss and write about text using high level academic language.  Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers with Language Support or Detachable Bookmark contain 40 different graphic organizers in two different formats for a total of 80 different options.

Fist to Five: A Retell Strategy

5 strategies that help struggling readers improve reading comprehension.

Teaching Tips from Amy Mezni