Liam James (Young Shaun on PSYCH also in The Way Way Back)

Meet this 17 year old cutie, Liam James (Young Shaun on PSYCH also in The Way Way Back) hes a very good actor and has my most favorite two boy names as his name!

Liam James on His Breakout Performance in 'The Way, Way Back.' This was a brilliant movie, and the kid I came to adore from "Psych" did an amazing job as the lead.

Liam James on His Breakout Role in Sundance Comedy 'The Way, Way Back'

teenvogue: “ Liam James, resdient AMC cutie from The Killing, breaks onto the big screen this summer with Sundance hit flick, The Way, Way Back. The tells us about his Way Back pop-n-lock dance sequence as well as his major influences.

Mr. Tattoo Man HBD

I Love you Liam Payn so cute haven't posted Liam in awhile I still love youuuu I'm so sorryyyyyy

Awwww  Niam! How cute:)

NIAM GIF >>>> Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful *swipes at tears*

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Liam Payne literally has looks that can kill! I'm posting in that afterlife from heaven right now Lol ❤️ Love my Liam!

I mean it's not like you're standing next to Liam James Payne from One Direction or anything....

I don't really understand this picture. obviously she knows who Liam is so she asked him to take a picture but she doesn't look happy at all. if I met liam or any of the guys I literally would not be able to contain my excitement!


And some people tell me, they hate Liam. How can someone hate this boy?

Payno ❤️

Payno ❤️