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Classroom Library Checkout Systems

Classroom Freebies: Checking Out Your Classroom Library! will try this to solve my walking library book problem.

Library Pockets for checking out books! Genius!

Classroom Reveal and a Freebie! (Picture heavy!!!) 2013-2014

i love everything about this lady's classroom set up! Transportation, jobs, library books, homework club, class library check out.

Classroom Reveal and a Freebie! (Picture heavy!!!) – updated 6/12/14 | I Love Labels (Don't You?)

Classroom Reveal and a Freebie! (Picture heavy!!!) 2013-2014

Need this for my classroom library- since I dont have the Iphone and app

Exclusive Free Printables

Book Sign Out Sheet For those teachers out there, here's a free printable for a book sign out. I have a collection of books that always se.

Do you like FREE things? Do you have a class room library? Are you tired of book sneaking off? Here is a simple check out/check in system to help keep track of your books!    Whenever we fill up one of these in my class, we take it down from the wall and do a class book check and make sure that we all know where our books are. These have really helped our class library stay healthy and accounted for!

I added names in alpha order, then laminated it. I'm hoping kids can use a dry erase marker to check out books, erase when returned. The goal is to make it easy at a glance to see who has which book.

Finally a classroom library checkout system that is not time consuming. Mskcpotter: Classroom Library Checkout System

Classroom Library Checkout System