♥ This poem is a good theme for 1-Minute Bible Love Notes. My desire in writing them and sending them to subscribers is to make us "People of the Word"  ~ ♥ Gail  ~ When you read the devotion, why not sign up for a free subscription to Bible Love Notes?

this is my prayer! Knowing God's Word and trusting in Jesus are essential elements of the Christian life. This poem expresses the importance of reading our Bibles and walking closely with the Lord. It's from Bible Love Notes.

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He And I Poem When words run dry, he does not try, nor do I. We are on par. He just is, I just am and we just are.

"All or nothing" - Lang Leav

Love my heart n mind, Important thing also Love me in every flaws that I have.

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Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

I found this recipe for homemade Miracle Whip in the local paper. Miracle Whip is not available where I live, so its nice to have a jar of this in the fridge.

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❤ So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul . { I came across this poem in the mid and have kept a copy of it posted in my home since then. And, Yes, I Do Plant My Own Garden and Decorate My Own Soul .