I love this! It's a lolita outfit that is plain enough I could wear it without strange looks :)

Beige And Blue Cotton Turndown Collar Long Sleeves Lolita Outfit With Bow

Normally I don't do item updates, but this spin on military-theme Lolita really caught my eye! I'm preparing...

Military Lolita (ABC Lolita)

Beautiful military-inspired EGL dress from Taobao shop, Yolanda. A lot of military-inspired fashion gets a lot of grief, but I would love to see anything Lolita in more works of fiction.

A Gothic Lolita's Memoir                                                                                                                                                                                 More

So I secretly miss wearing a uniform everyday, not for the lack of variation, just becuase I like structured, layered outfits. my old uniform wasn't quite this cute though.