Appreciate the positive things about your relationship. | 19 Things Everyone Should Do After A Break-Up

Appreciate the positive things about your relationship.

I don't love my ex anymore but I dont regret the time I spent with him ~ I may have lost friends but I dont regret time spent with them~❤

Yup they warned me she didn't change but I still defended her but they were right

This describes my ex boyfriend perfectly. I thought he was different, but he turned out to be exactly what everyone said he'd be.

But we will never b friends again, and now I know that for sure.

I miss being so close with you. Usually I never feel this way about past friends but I truly regret the way we have drifted apart and I feel so stupid and so mad at myself for being so stubborn and letting it happen

If we grew apart as friends, there’s 100% chance I’m cheering you on from afar and that I still love you.

Deep Life Quotes: If we grew apart as friends, there's a chance I'm cheering you on from afar and that I still love you.

my friend doesnt really like me anymore... even tho she means alot to me. now im with my other friends and not much with her

i hate this feeling. i hate feeling like i will never be good enough for anyone. i hate crying for hours. but most of all, i hate you because you make me feel this way but I'll never be good enough for you.

A lost friendship and how I am dealing with it. Read the full story on my blog. #inspiration #friendship #strangerswithmemories

"We’re not friends, we’re strangers with memories. Visit us now to see lots more great picture quotes and sayings.

I had a friend who violated my trust.  And for a moment I felt an insidious amount of anger and pain. This person knows everything I been through in the last five years of my life. The divorce the nervous breakdowns the fiscal devastation the sadness the rebound feeling lost feeling scared... I told them things no one else knew. I considered them family to both me and my kid ... and she has done something so inappropriate that my trust is GONE - and I'm done. Funny thing is that I didn't I…

Surviving emotional infidelity can be, in many ways, harder than coping with a more traditional physical affair. If your partner has had a sexual relationship

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Well I never got to say a proper good bye. maybe that's what you wanted. Well atleast then I am glad. if that's what you wanted. Good bye my friend.

Losing a best friend is like losing air....n u cant breathe on some days

They weren't best friends but still losing them felt like that and I'm not prepared to go through that again and allow though I really want to I'm a negative Nelson these days and I don't remember how to be positive