Irises close up. Louis Comfort Tiffany: Magnolia and Irises (1981.159) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Magnolia and Irises," 1908 by Louis Comfort Tiffany (American, Tiffany Studios -- Leaded Favrile glass

Autumn Landscape;  Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany  (American, New York City 1848–1933 New York City)

Agnes F. Northrop, Autumn Landscape, manufactured by Tiffany Studios, leaded Favrile glass Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Louis Comfort Tiffany, River of Life window, early 20th Century, leaded glass                                                                                                                                                     More

Louis Comfort Tiffany - River of Life window, early Century, leaded glass. made of Favrile glass, copper foil and lead,

Louis Tiffany: The Epitome of Beautiful Windows and Lamps | The Quark In The Road

Blue wisteria lamp, love the wisteria lamp! Designed by Clara Driscoll and made by the women working for Tiffany!

For all of us wine lovers. Louis Comfort Tiffany / Grapevine Panel / Leaded Favrile Glass / 1902-1915

Grapevine Panel Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany (American, New York City New York City) Maker: Tiffany Studios Date: ca. Geography: Mid-Atlantic, New York City, New York, United States Culture: Ame

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848—1933) was an American artist and designer who worked in the decorative arts and is best known for his work in stained glass.  He is the American artist most associated with the Art Nouveau and Aesthetic movements. Tiffany designed stained glass windows and lamps, glass mosaics, blown glass, ceramics, jewelry enamels and metalwork.

Daytonian in Manhattan: The Lost Louis Comfort Tiffany Mansion -- 898 Madison Avenue

Louis Comfort Tiffany, Gould Landscape Window, 1910. Provenance: Miss Helen Gould, Vito D’Agostino.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, Gould Landscape Window, Provenance: Miss Helen Gould, Vito D’Agostino.

Library lamp, c. 1900. No. 146, Cobweb design shade, mosaic floral base [oil lamp conversion]; leaded glass, mosaic, bronze; Tiffany Studios, New York City, 1902–32; H. 30 in. (62-020).

** Tiffany Studios, New York, Favrile Leaded Glass and Patinated Bronze "Cobweb" Lamp.