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Butterfly-wolf tattoo by =wolf-minori on deviantART. I would take off the butterfly wing, but the wolf is perfect

lupus (the wolf) constellation tattoo

lupus (the wolf) constellation tattoo- hmmmm, may e for the sky above my tree?

Best Animal Tattoo Designs////Follow Mary Buffington Photography on Pinterest & stay inspired!.... Looks a lot like mine, only I have less swirls and a breast cancer awareness ribbon entwined in it... And it's on the back of my neck.. And it's way cooler than this one :p

Best Animal Tattoo Designs - Our Top 10

Check Out the 15 Amazing Wolf Tattoos Design Inspiration latest collection to this year. you get inspired Wolf Tattoos Design.Enjoy this year.

I have put up a huge battle with my epilepsy so I kinda like this

"A Battle Within" Seriously considering.I would never get a tattoo unless it had a deep-rooted meaning!

26 Crohn's Disease-Inspired Tattoos.....Love this one!

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"Fibromyalgia tattoo", I absolutely love this! If I were to get a tattoo, which anyone who knows me knows I WOULDN'T.

Newest tattoo. Instead of a purple ribbon, I chose to get a purple bow for Lupus.

Bow tattoo meanings, designs and ideas with great images for Learn about the story of sexy bow tats and symbolism for girls.