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At Home with New Darlings in Phoenix, Arizona At Home with New Darlings Featuring the west elm Saddle Chair and mid-century desk

Apple Mac Desk Stand

Grovemade Laptop Stand Ilounge Mac regarding measurements 1332 X 888 Apple Mac Desk Stand - An increasing number of offices these days are finding more abo

Home Office and Plants

37 Stylish Minimalist Home Office Designs You’ll Ever See

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Today's desk space looked a little bit like this March had been so manic - Already working towards April deadlines P.s So excited to welcome my cousin to town! Sydney dinner recommendations would be appreciated by lichipan

A Super-Skinny Desk For iMacs - Here's a solution for all those space-challenged Ikea hackers out there (and aren't there so many!). This Dutch hacker took a shelf and a cabinet and mounted them to the wall, creating what might be the skinniest desk for an iMac ever built. The best part might be the fact that there aren't any errant cables hanging around: They're all stored inside the upper cabinet.

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