Betty Draper Vintage Hairstyle Directions

Ombre Hair Color Trends - Is The Silver #GrannyHair Style

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Sewing the - Dressing the Decade. A study on sewing patterns, year by year High quality Vintage maps. I definitely love the 1960 and 1961 style!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion: Skinny Pants - 1963

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion: Skinny Pants - 1963 Love love love and would definitely wear this today!

Megan Draper - my favorite Mad Men character - I love her mod style

A scarf is a vintage hair staple; and can be worn over pincurls or as a hairband like Megan Draper is doing so timelessly stylish here

Love this silhouette

Vintage :) cute vintage monochrome check glam rockabilly style swing dress what a great outfit , with a style like this alice would definitely look the film star getting off the plane in st malo

In honor of its final seasons, we round up Mad Men's best style moments.

Mad Men's 25 Best Fashion Moments

Megan Drapen (Jessica Pare) created an unforgettable moment in one of TV's greatest shows when she sang "Zou Bisou Bisou" in the season 5 premiere of Mad Men.

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Find me anything cuter and sexier bc it's not possible. K-rist she's killing it in polka dots summer outfit

Love her blouse. January Jones as Betty Draper was stunning...

1960s Hairstyles for Women

Butterfly blouse worn by January Jones as Betty Draper in the TV series Mad Men.

This picture has symmetrical balance because there are two people in the photo.

Modern 50's Fashion

To dress in a polka dot pattern is a fashion trend that can make quite a statement in style. Wearing polka dots can be fun and bubbly. Here's a few tips on how to wear polka dots successfully.

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From The Great Gatsby to Mad Men: 25 DIY Vintage Hairstyles

From The Great Gatsby to Mad Men: 25 DIY Vintage Hairstyles

Doesn't This Photo Scream Confidence & Sophistication.  This Proves that You Can Never Go Wrong with a Simple Black Dress.  Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.

Minus the bag and Sunglasses (since it's winter) this is essentially how I dress, belt higher, sleeves shorter, and with a black dress I usually have a more fun colored legging, or black leggings with a fun colored dress.