"Kriya es una ciencia antigua. Lahiri Mahasaya la recibió de su gurú, Babaji, quien redescubrió y aclaró la técnica después de que se había perdido en la Edad Media." El Kriya Yoga que voy a dar al mundo a través de ti en este siglo XIX "Babaji dijo a Lahiri Mahasaya," es un renacimiento de la misma ciencia que Krishna dio, hace milenios, a Arjuna, y que más tarde fue conocido por Patanjali, ya Cristo, San Juan, St. Paul, y otros discípulos. " ~ "autobiografía de un Yogui", Yogananda

"Kriya is an ancient science. Lahiri Mahasaya received it from his guru, Babaji…

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"Whenever anyone utters with reverence the name ofBabaji," Lahiri Mahasaya said, "that devotee attracts an instant spiritual blessing.

Dear Heavenly Father, Divine Cosmic Mother, Infinite Spirit, Friend Dear God, Lord Jesus Christ, Bhagavan Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya Yogavatar, Sri Swami Paramgurú Yukteswarji, beloved Gurudeva Paramahansa Yoganandaji, saints and sages of all religions, I revere everyone, put away from my life all obstacles physical, mental and spiritual; take me from ignorance to wisdom, from worry to peace, unfulfilled desires to the full realization and from death to immortality .

Mahavatar Babaji is an example of a Being at the Void-Based Terrain (No-Thing).

Mahavatar Babaji. You may feel that you’ve retreated from the world recently. Maybe you’ve not been as active socially or spiritually, but this time of inner rest has really paid off. You are becoming more and more consciously aware of how connected you are to God and all living beings.

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Mahavatar Babaji

_/\_ ॐ क्रिया बाबाजी नमः ॐ _/\_ _/\_ Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om _/\_ Mahavatar Babaji

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I was first introduced to the Sahaja Yoga sadhana eight years ago when backpacking through Europe and I stumbled upon a postcard of Guru Nirmala Devi.

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_/\_ ॐ क्रिया बाबाजी नमः ॐ _/\_ _/\_ Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om _/\_ Today on the auspicious day of Buddha Purnima we share this masterpiece.

Mahavatar Babaji and the Golden Body of Light

One of the best-known images of Mahavatar Babaji, painted by Eric Estep in Available as a fine art print.

Mahavatar Babaji's cave

The Babaji's Cave area is the place where Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861 and is the birth of Kriya Yoga in this Dwapara Yuga.

Mahavatar Babaji

Sri Swami Vishwananda has this picture of Mahavatar Babaji, presently only, in His ashram, Shree Peetha Nilaya. He has said that now we shou.