Dominik Langwerski by Krzysztof Wyzynski

Dominik Langwerski by Krzysztof Wyzynski

A great hand pose for men is to hold their hands as if they are holding a pen or to ask them to pretend they are twirling a ring on their little finger.

Handiwork: How to Pose Hands

homme, assis, plan américain

Pose: slightly leaning forward, sitting. Style: environmental portrait (can be shot in studio with some elements of environment).

I like the posing and angle of this portrait...very manly. The crop also is interesting, I like the fact that he isn't all in it and that you can look beyond him...but with him posed like the way he is why would you want to look beyond him.

My newest celebrity crush: Michael Fassbender. He's been in a ton of movies where I've been "who is this handsome man? apparently he's in the new x-men.

Un portrait qui pourrait être celui de Germain Crèvecoeur, dans sa beauté et sa solitude... (Dustin Cantrell Photography)

It is much more important to be contented and peaceful than to be intellectual. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lectures, Page (Dustin Cantrell Photography Work)