8 things to do in manado indonesia

Why you should visit Manado Indonesia now!

9 Wisata Alam yang Bikin Kamu Kangen dengan Manado, Maladewa-nya Indonesia

9 Wisata Alam yang Bikin Kamu Kangen dengan Manado, Maladewa-nya Indonesia

Things to do Manado, Sulawesi! About: Klenteng Ban Hin Kiong, Jalan Masjid Masyhurand, cinema XXI (21) in Mantos 3, Malalayang beach and restaurant recommendations! http://www.crazydutchabroad.com/destinations/Asia/Indonesia/Sulawesi_Manado/ digital nomad

Sulawesi, Manado

Manado is the capital of the province North Sulawesi in Indonesia. Find out where to stay, things to do nearby and the best bars & restaurants in Manado.

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Swimming with Stingless Jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake Kakaban Island Indonesia // localadventurer.com

Swimming with Stingless Jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake Kakaban

Manado | Bunaken Marine Park - North Sulawesi, Indonesia For wildlife explorers certainly are not foreign to hear the name of Bunaken. Famous for its beauty of nature and underwater sea, is located in Manado Bay. The ocean surrounded by the richness of sea creatures and nature, from various of fish, marine mammals, coral reefs, has been a paradise for so many lovers. Details…

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Snorkeling and diving is my favorite summer sport, thankfully I live in a climate where it can be done almost of the year! Coral Reef, Southern Red Sea, Near Safaga, Egypt

Dolphins, Bunaken Marine National Park, Manado, Indonesia

Lovina Beach include coastal tourism in North Bali. Exactly 10 km to the west of Singaraja City. Its location in Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng, Bali. Therefore it is better known as a tourist attraction Kalibukbuk.

Manado Tua Island, Indonesia

Being older island of Manado in Manado bay limits on Bunaken District about 10 miles from city center can ditmpuh for 60 minutes by mot.