hair drawing loads of new ideas come to mind looking at this

drawing reference on how to draw female hair; how to draw natural looking hairstyles ∕∕ hair drawing loads of new ideas come to mind looking at this

Hi My name is Via.My favorite color is blue and I like to eat snow cones.My closest friends are Primavera, Kimberly Ann I call her Kimber and Ingrid, she is my best friend because she is like a sister to me.My act at the circus is animal training and I sometimes am a magician .My personality traits are bubbly,Daring,and peppy.See you soon at the circus!

Hiten on

Anime picture with aikatsu! kiriya aoi hiten goane ryu long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer blue eyes simple background fringe blue hair standing holding looking back grey side ponytail head tilt drinking girl


Death note

Your Name Vol 02 GN

Your Name Vol 02 GN

This is Rosaline. She likes the cold, Starbucks, green  grassy days  and Sherlock. She's shy, calm, gentle and caring. Age: 15 he parents died of a failed surgery

Kiseki no Sedai VS Megami no Sedai - Chapitre 11

✮ ANIME ART ✮ - Reminds me of the character from the all time fame & fave Korean drama-Winter Sonata!

Vocaloid - Lily (リリィ) -「らくがきんちょ」/「an」の漫画 [pixiv]

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