Медленно, но верно к нам подбирается лето, хотя по прогнозу погоды так сразу и не скажешь. Но все же, надеюсь, отпуска забронированы, лето…

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Nautical navy and white tshirt, mustard jacket/rain coat with navy & white striped lining. preppy fall look 2016 Stitch Fix.

Since the last two posts concerning mollusks have also involved the classical Mediterranean world (where cuttlefish ink was used for writing/drawing and murex mucous was employed as a costly dye), …

The Octopus Motif in Ancient Greek Ceramics

Terracotta rhyton painted in "Marine Style" with murexes (Zakros, Late Minoan IB, B.

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