Build a Mario Kart Halloween Costume out of a cardboard box!

Build a mario kart halloween costume out of a cardboard box. This mario kart halloween costume is cheap to make and an easy mario kart halloween costume!


DIY Mario Kart Toad + Toadette Mushroom Hat

This is a super cheap and easy way to make a Mushroom hat for a toad and or toadette costume.

Halloween 2015 - I created my own Super Mario/Mario Kart "Lakitu" costume with a custom not-so-poofy cloud skirt and turtle shell backpack lined with fur.  #iHeartMario #LT3

Halloween Super Mario/Mario Kart "Lakitu" Cosplay hand made DIY costume w/custom not-so-poofy cloud skirt and turtle shell backpack lined with fur.

Banana, just rolled up yellow cardstock

MARIO KART PARTY - banana decorations roll up a piece of yellow cardstock into a tube, twist one end to make it look like the stem and then cut the other end into 3 pieces (cutting each end to a point)

Drama de niños.  2 Timoteo 4:7 He peleado la buena batalla, he acabado la carrera, he guardado la fe.

8 Co-ed Group Halloween Costumes

Look different from the lot in parties with these gaudy Mario Kart costumes. Show a bit of racing around action by chasing each other in these costumes.

mario karts made from cardboard boxes - Google Search

Saw a lot of Mario Kart costumes for Halloween, buy my friend's is still my favorite. He grew out his beard, dyed it black, and shaved it in.

Always dreamed of living in the world of Mario Kart? Make it happen with this cleverly mobile costume.

The 20 Best DIY Group Costumes for Halloween

Epic Mario Kart Group Halloween Photo - Imagine playing real life mario kart at a party! (maybe on tricycles for all the kids)

Totally Worth the Work Mario Kart Costume!

Totally Worth the Work Mario Kart Costume!

My Mario costume is too simple I need something nice! I should totally make a Kart! That is what I said thinking it was going to be simple and easy!