Mark Salling, I used to have the biggest crush on him when I first started watching Glee

Mark Salling from Glee, can’t exactly look at him the same since his arrest though

Mark Salling aka Noah Puckerman, brings out a love of bad boys I never knew I had in me.

Mark Salling, Puck from GLEE. I havent quite decided if he's a hottie yet. but in this pic he is!

Mark Salling Dropped From Comeback Role Following Child Pornography Indictment -

marksalling New headshot.t made headshots in almost 9 years. Look at that wig. Jk 👦🏻 Thanks to photographer Kamran who doesn’t have IG

Glee 's Mark Salling,

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Mark Salling

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Image via We Heart It #glee

I Don't Agree, Mark shouldn't have had it, it should have gone to Lea