Amazing black and maroon nail art design. You can see that there are floral designs on the matte black polish while the rest of the nails are in deep dark matte maroon which simply screams sophistication.

20 Puuuurfect Cat Manicures Cat Nail Art Designs For Lovers

Nail art is one of those fashions women can’t get over it anyway. Check out Best Acrylic Nail Art Designs, Ideas ,Trends, Stickers & Wraps

This trend has blown up especially after Kylie started showing off her maroon nails. To glam it up even further, ask for spring inspired floral design or a chevron pattern on one nail. Knuckle rings are a must! | Nail Designs |

Spring Quinceanera Nail Trends 2017

Tribal inspired white and maroon nail art design. The nails have a maroon polish as the base color while the various tribal inspired designs on top are painted with white polish.

35 Maroon Nails Designs

Elegant looking white and maroon nail art design. The dark maroon polish is greatly contrasted by the light and white nail polish with lace like designs.

35 Maroon Nails Designs

Amazing and very feminine manicure, which will be suitable for special occasions. During coloring nails in rich cherry colour was used a technique of the m

18 Chic Nail Designs for Short Nails: #17. Chic Maroon And White Nail Design

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Simple Easy Nail Art Designs

30 Amazing Acrylic Nail Ideas 2018 - Easy Acrylic Nail Designs

I dont typically like long or pointy nails, but WOW. More Beauty & Personal Care - Makeup - Nails - Nail Art - winter nails colors -

maroon-design-interiors-living-fashion-arhitektura-11.jpg (550×825)

20 Sparkly DIY Manis for the Holidays

Image via Nail Designs for Short Nails Gold Glitter. Image via Black and gold glitter nail art for dinner at a restaurant. Image via Beautiful golden manicure with glitter.

We all know maroon and black goes greatly well together when you want a dark and sexy look so if that’s what you’re aiming for, here’s a design that would go well with you.

50 Coffin Nail Art Ideas

Achieve a sophisticated and sensual look by adding a trend to a trend. Matte maroon nail polish works best on these elongated coffin nails. And then partner it off with a matte maroon and black ombre lips to complete the… Continue Reading →

Shades in maroon red, burnt orange, and dark grey.. these are the incredible colors for Fall. Here, we found some of the most gorgeous nail art designs you can try in these classic-Autumn hues. Your creativity has no limit!

65 Gorgeous Fall Nail Art Designs to Try Now

Glitter nail art designs have become a constant favorite. Almost every girl loves glitter on their nails. Glitter nail designs can give that extra edge to your nails and brighten up the move and se.

Glittery and shiny pink and maroon nail art design. The nails are absolutely sophisticated looking especially with the shiny maroon nail polish as well as the the gold glitter on top of it. The embellishments on the pink nails also help with the look.

35 Maroon Nails Designs

“ with ・・・ Black Cherry, egenblandat glitter, camouflage rouge (kall) mer stenar och silverstripes”


Just when you thought you had a solid grasp on the nail industry, this article gets shoved in your face. I had no idea there were so many different nail shape possibilities. When it comes to anything related to nails,.