Matthew Fox & Josh Holloway

Jack and Sawyer (Matthew Fox & Josh Holloway) LOST . 2 of my favorites!

matthew fox (favorite from Lost)

Photoshoots: Matthew Fox

Mathew Fox

Matthew Fox (Jack) actually had these tattoos. The makers of the show planned to cover them up but decided rather to work them into his story. Their backstory is revealed in Season episode Stranger In A Strange Land.

Jorge Garcia giving Matthew Fox a piggy back ride on the set of Lost. I do believe this is season 3, maybe? Based on Hurley's shirt, and the dock and green house in the back.

Lost - Jorge Garcia giving Matthew Fox a piggy back ride on the set of Lost


Matthew Fox: TV drama’s eldest brother battles cancer

Crushing on him since Party of Five!

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Matthew Fox

OH MY Matthew Fox. Well, he's a fox. Earning one million points for being Jack on LOST. minus 4 points for punching a bus driver.

Lost TV Show good because of these 3 people. Oh, and that Ian guy. Vanity Fair outtakes! - Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway Photo

Lost (Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly & Matthew Fox) I wanna be in the middle of the Manwich!

matthew fox, needs to be more roughed up and longer hair.

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