Surrealist Max Ernst collage from illustrated book 'Une Semaine de Bonté' (A week of kindness), 1934 where each collage forms a series of linked images to produce extraordinary creatures which evolve in  different settings and create visionary worlds without any sense of reality.

Surrealist Max Ernst collage from illustrated book 'Une Semaine de Bonté' (A…

windypoplarsroom:Max Ernst"Une Semaine de Bonte"

My tribute to the great surrealist, Max Ernst, author of the iconic collage-book, Une Semaine de Bonte.

Max Ernst: Le Facteur Cheval (1932) (see Ferdinand Cheval and Le Palais Ideal)

The Postman Cheval (Le Facteur Cheval), 1932 Paper and fabric collage with pencil, ink, and gouache on paper, x cm

The Vampire's Kiss, Max Ernst

Bésame mucho

One image from Max Ernst’s Une Semaine de Bonté 1934 collage - Absolutely reminds me of the song "Lucifer and Luminesta" by Circus Contraption. I am in love with this.

une semaine de bonte | Max Ernst’s Une semaine de bonté | PERFECTION OF PERPLEXION

Max Ernst’s Une semaine de bonté

ART & ARTISTS: September 2011 Max Ernst. I absolutely love this illustration.

Max Ernst Une semaine de bonté (A week of kindness) is a graphic novel and artist's book first published in It comprises 182 images created by cutting up and re-organizing illustrations from Victorian encyclopedias and novels.

une semaine de bonte | Une semaine de bonté

Arte: Defectuoso surrealista

Une Semaine de Bonté: A Surrealistic Novel in Collage by Max Ernst

Max Ernst | Max Ernst, Collage for Une semaine de bonté (A week of kindness ...

Max Ernst, La clé des chants 1 (The Key of Songs from Une semaine de bonté…

Red Forest. Max Ernst, 1970.

Max Ernst, Red Forest, 1970 « J'ai assisté Max ERNST pour cette création à…

Max Ernst - Une Semaine de Bonté [Dimanche] (c.1934)      collage / illustration

Made from dissecting and recombining illustrations from Century novels and encyclopaedias, Une Semaine de Bonté is Max Ernst's surrealist collage masterpie



Reminiscent of Max Ernst’s Une Semaine de Bonté, Japanese collage artist Q-TA incorporates Victorian and Renaissance characters into surreal, and sometimes exceedingly strange, situations and metamorphosis.

Max Ernst: Die Anatomie als Braut, 1921.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Anatomy as Bride, Max Ernst, 1921