36 of the Best Meanwhile in Australia Pictures - Clicky Pix

Yes, but the Jaws shark's name is Bruce! That's where Finding Nemo got the name! 36 of the Best Meanwhile in Australia Pictures - Clicky Pix

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Only the tourists in Florida wear socks with flip flops.and they wear them in…

Being an Australian I am really not surprised though that would happen more in the bush.... Unless you happen to be really unlucky.... Like me and the weirdass spiders.... Help~

Here’s a snake who probably just wants a nice hot shower to warm his cold cold blood.

DON'T PANIC! I've NEVER seen any of these!  but...

Meanwhile In Australia Collection. just a few reasons i will never go to australia. I seriously hate spiders and the idea of one that big. hell no.

Meanwhile in Australia...we need these in America!

Meanwhile in Australia Yeah, I’m not moving to Australia any time soon. So we’ll keep post pictures of “meanwhile in Australia…” for time being.

Meanwhile in Australia -- how unlike the idiocy we have in the USA...

23 Terrifying Warning Signs That Don't F**k About

This rules out most people. Hey asshole how many volts are in a fuckwit? Okie dokie I do believe play time is over. Mental asylum people you're not crazy you're just over medicated!


Imagine this as a villains power, like he sets loose all of these wasps to get the hero