Years of devotion may endow a priestess with great wisdom on the workings of the world, and grants some the favor of the light. The power thus given to these ladies of the water is a recurring motif in tale and song; such as the that of the knights of the silver spire, cornered and slain to a man at the banks of the Alavynne, but who rode again the next day, in full number, and wrought the downfall of the crimson duke.

Localath: rare sights in all of Oki these fishmen inhabit the depths off the coasts. Some though are said to flit about the deep lakes if the Shadow Shogunate. These koifolk are said to be allies with the lake people who share their shores.

Sahagin Knight from "Kingdom Conquest" by G.River

The skills employed by mermen in spear-fishing are easily translated into warfare, especially against those who are not at home in the water. In times of need, many mermen of that occupation will volunteer to swell the ranks of their military.