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Antidepressants and Common Side Effects. I totally believe in antidepressants when needed. It's just also good to know the side effects.

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Difference between Hallucinations, Illusions, Delusions. Delusions are belief in something that is not true. Hallucinations are seeing things that aren't there. Delusions that common events are somehow related to oneself.

Psychiatric mental health meds

Type of antidepressant. It is given if the depressed client has not responded to Tricyclic antidepressants and SSRI’s. This type of med interacts with a bunch of other meds, that’s why it’s usually not drug of choice for depression.

An easy-peasy reviewer about Mental Health Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing. This post contains 225 bits of information all about the concepts of Psychiatric Nursing that are perfect for your review for the NCLEX and NLE.

225 Nursing Bullets: Psychiatric Nursing Reviewer

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Funny pictures about Sesame Street disorders. Oh, and cool pics about Sesame Street disorders. Also, Sesame Street disorders.

Benzodiazepines: What are Benzos, Effects and Usage?

Benzodiazepines: What are Benzos, Effects and Usage?

25 Psychiatric Nursing Mnemonics and Tricks | NurseBuff #Nurse #Mnemonics

The bipolar disorder is characterized by episodes of manic and depressive attacks. These contrasting symptoms may happen anytime without warning. The above mnemonic features the signs and symptoms for each attack.

INFOGRAPHIC: 8 most common dual diagnosis disorders and the drugs that addicts use to alleviate or self-medicate their symptoms.

Health Infographics - Check out our infographic below to learn about the 8 most Common dual diagnosis disorders. Learn which drugs match up with each mental health disorder.


Psychoactive drugs are chemical substances that affect the brain. These medications can affect out central nervous system and change the way we feel, act or percept things. Psychoactive drugs are used as medications, to treat different medical conditions,

Schizophrenia Infographic: Types, Symptoms, and Diagnosis. From http://www.schizlife.com/schizophrenia-infographic-2/

Schizophrenia can be classified into five different types – disorganized schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, undifferentiated schizophrenia, catatonic schizophrenia and residual schizophrenia (infographic)